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Since the last update....

... My parade has been going on for DAYS. And I agree with the others - what is the DEAL with the notifications going off repeatedly and at the wrong time? And after the update one of my buildings disappeared. I am thinking about deleting the game altogether. I had originally downloaded it for my kids. While its fun, its also too much work.

This game is the best


Very fun!

Very addicting! Lots of fun


Almost as fun as being there

Great game!

I am really enjoying this game! Lots of improvements in the first update, however I keep receiving multiple notifications for events that have already happened (characters completing tasks, level ups, etc) which is VERY frustrating! I had to turn off the notification sounds to stop being bothered. Its worth noting that I have also spent a fair bit of actual money on this game (around $50) to keep things moving along and to unlock all the characters.


I like Disney so I just got this app. Its fun.

Zoom out please!

I enjoy the game, but it does take a little too long to get new tasks, and I really really wish it could zoom out further....its a pain having to swipe constantly to move around the park.


The game is lots of fun, I really enjoy it. However, some characters cost so much in gems but its hard to get the gems without purchasing packages, which not everyone can afford and then ever since the last update I get so many repeat notifications for stuff that isnt even happening in my game. Im going to have to turn off my notifications as its very annoying. Its very glitchy sometimes as well where you may have been off the game for hours and it is still where you left it previously and the time hasnt changed making quests take even longer.

Seem more like a money grab!

Good game! Love getting all the Disney characters. Too bad the game seems more like a money grab than an actual game. If the price were lower its easier for someone to spend more without knowing how much their spending but Disney doesnt care just ask for $10 and up for very little diamonds. What a shame and a waste of potentially a good game. Take a note from candy crush there rolling in to dough and only charge a dollar to advance to the next level.

Great game

Totally fills you with Disney joy!!! I do wish the freaking prices were cheaper for some of the cooler characters/rides. I wouldnt mind spending a little money but the prices are ridiculous. Some characters would cost you $20 to buy!!!

Slow and greedy

Is this really approved by Disney. Too long to acquire quests which pay off next to nothing in the way of points. Yet it turns around and assigns quests that take forever to accomplish in game unless you buy the shortcut. Nothing but a money grab so far. Quite disappointing,still going with to see what I can do without buying anything. Ill play it, but not because its fun, and not regularly because, when it comes down it this game is quite boring.

Amazing game!

This game is so much fun, Im such a Disney fanatic and always dreamed of building my own park. Although it takes awhile to unlock some characters its an amazing game overall!


Cant collect my stuff. Goals restarting instead of being able to collect

Easy and cute

The only things I think should be better is the time it takes to get the quests done.. Way to long... And a bit to easy basicly everything is done by the game itself... No challenge there at all! But for some reason its still addictive maybe the colors or the characters ... I ´m at the begining so it may get a little more challenging later ... Its a perfect game for kids though

Fun game.. Slow go

Doesnt earn magic quickly or compared to the cost of things. Wish Disney would even it out. Prob will loose me as a player

Wall-E parade

My games been stuck in the wall-e parade for 2 weeks...


Game played well for a while, but now more often than not freezes shortly upon opening, rendering the game unplayable.

Glad they came out with a way...

Would like it to be able to play without paying. Glad they came out with a better chance to get pink diamonds.

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